During my study on web apli. I learnt that it enables you to create web services that would use HTTP protocol. My question is web api could it be a called the replacement for soap web services. what is the comparative advantage of using webapi over soap services

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SOAP is one of the types of api's that are available. Asking if a web api is better than SOAP is just like asking if a database is better than MySQL, which obviously would not make any sense since MySQL is just a type of database.

What I can suggest is, look into a REST api rather. SOAP is something that is being fazed out more and more, where REST is the preferrered api that is being used today.

Tanks pixelsoul. I get you clearly. SO is web api an example of REST API.

The other way around. A REST api is an example of a web api. I guess any api that is available over the internet could be called a "web api". Like SOAP api is another example of an api that can be used over the internet.

Ah, so I didn't even realize that MSFT actually has a product called WebAPI. Geez... well, isn't that interesting. So apparently their "WebAPI" helps with the developement of a RESTful service. This might be what you are looking for if you're working solely with ASP. So in effect, my suggestion about using REST would be the same as recommending their WebAPI package I suppose.

yes that is what I am refering to. Microsoft's WebAPI. Thanks a lot.

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