I would like to know what means Java Web UI with html5 knowledge,flex,javascript,css?

Do you have to use plain jsp jsf servlet and then use a MVC pattern?

If so the views are made with html5 flex?

If anyone knows more about this please explain it to me because I didn't find anything on the web.

Thank you

I found out it's J2EE J6EE and Java web frameworks

dany: J2EE became out of date in 2006, J6EE doesn't exist.
after J2EE it became Java EE <version>.
depending on what you call Java web frameworks ...
there are tthe basics, jsp and servlets, then again, you can implement Spring MVC, Struts, and there's GWT.
in GWT, you hardly use any html. you build up the basics of your ui in .gwt.xml files, and using UIBinding you link it to your Java code. it's not MVC, it's something similar, MVP (Model View Presenter).
nice part is: it's writing client-side ajax code in Java. once you open your webpage in your browser, it's being translated to javascript.
it does have some advantages, for instance, the GWT compiler takes care of quite some cross-browser differences.

anyway, Java Web UI can mean a variation of things.

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