Hi! Everyone,

I Have two pages:
1. Main Page(Parent Page)
2. List of Data (Child Page)

The Main Page(Parent Page) look like this:

Student ID : [Textbox]
Student Name : [Textbox]

And my Second Page(Child Page) has datagrid with the following data column(data from my database):

Student ID  |     Student Name        |  Action
   A0001       Joseph Villanueva         Select (HyperLink)
   A0002       Maria Bautista            Select (Hyperlink)

What I want to do is when I click the search button from the parent page the child page will pop up and show all the list of student then I click the Select(hyperlink) and it will pass to the parent page. Right now, I am able to show the child page but the problem when I try to choose the student there is no data appear on the parent page..

Please I need help on this. How do I pass the value?

Thanks in advance.