I am very confused with the pagination system of my site, the site consist two services android games and movies but in each they all have their categories for example the android games has categories as follows: * ANDRIOD GAMES * 1. Arcade 2. Sports 3. Action 4. Adventure 5. Simulation 6. Racing

  • MOVIES * 1. Hd movies 2. Hollywood 3. Bollywood 4. T.V series 5. Mobile-movies 6. Cartoon/Anime

But for now i am working on the android games pagination, In the database I have a list of tables for specific categories of android apps in the database

Arcade_apps_andriod Sports_apps_andriod Action_apps_andriod Adventure_apps_andriod Simulation_apps_andriod Racing_apps_andriod

For the table this are its fields/columns : Note * [the same thing apply s to the all fields ] *

  id: 1
  features: "Game description: Wings: Remastered edition - a new version of a popular game, where you will participate in air battles of World War I times. Features: 5 fascinating levels Fine graphics Destroy all enemies"

[//this for the app features to be displayed if the user wants to see more about the app.]

  page_number: 1 [//the curent page the app is in.]
  app_name: "Wings: Remastered edition"[// the name of the app]

  app_number: 1 [//the current app number that wil be saved on the data-attr of the app element(div)]

  app_cat: "adv_app"[// the app category]
  app_img_path: "images/1_subway_surfers.jpg"[// the image path to be place in the image element]
  app_pre_img_path1: "images/1_subway_surfers.jpg"
  app_pre_img_path2: "images/1_subway_surfers.jpg"
  app_pre_img_path3: "images/1_subway_surfers.jpg"
  app_pre_video_path: "images/1_subway_surfers.jpg"

This is what i have done on the so far on the pagination script. In the index_main.php for more please click this link http://pastebin.com/embed_js.php?i=yJqQL2En

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Most frameworks out there have pagination classes that help.

Effectively all you are doing is sending a select statement to the database with an offset and limit.

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