Is there any free sms gateway and how to implement it in php

I am working for company who build sms gateway's but it isn't free product, if you need more detalis inbox me.

Cell phone companies in North America provide an email address format that you can use to send an SMS message. This is outgoing only and will probably have a limit on how many can be sent per day. You have to know who the carrier is to know the email format (because it isn't standard). In other place (such as India) this may not be available.

There are many companies offering paid SMS gateways. I have used Twilio. It has good documentation and examples so it wasn't difficult to get it working. You can signup and use it in a test mode for free (you will be the only receipient in test mode).

im developing this only for my college purpose so i cant able to spend money tats y im searching for free sms is that possible in twilio ?


They can provide you some (maybe 5-10 credit?) free sms for trying, but you wont find a method to send unlimited free sms.

A free developer account only allows you to send to your own phone.

You can also use CS networks, they will give you some credit for testing. I'm using them and one more carrier for sending SMS. You can contact me for more information.