I am going to start a business of business consultant. My target clients would be pan-asia; so, to reach all of those, I need to have a impressive website with lots of designs and pictures. Videos would also be a integral part. I am confused for chosing- PHP or ASP for web development. Any other platform can also be considered. What do you suggest?

An impressive website has little to do with the choice, it can be built with all technologies. You should choose based on what you are most comfortable with (or your developers) IMO.

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If you're not developing it yourself, leave the choice to the experts. As pritaeas says, it shouldn't make much difference to you. Shop around. If you are thinking of developing it yourself, ensure that you have a clear plan of what you need to accomplish and research how to go about it in technologies of your choice. Be aware if you do not have much experience of programming, then this will be time-intensive and may detract from the time you require to set up your business. If your business needs to be taken seriously - as I assume it does - then you may need employ professionals. However, you could use a 'generic' site and tailor it, using things like Wordpress or Joomla or a self-build based on things like Twitter Bootstrap or Foundation, which should reduce the amount of time you spend 'coding'. They have the benefit of having 'modules' that help with responsive design, ensuring a consistent-ish look on most devices. Although you can achieve some pleasing results with these types of apps, they rarely look unique without a significant amount of work.