hello sir,

can i use ajax in textarea for showing hints from within a file..i think web development forums used this technique for tgging the posts...

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Give more info - what are you trying to do, exactly?

i have a textarea named skill
when i enter cp it should show hints startring with cp like cpppl,cpppl-phone,cpppl-language etc.after selecting the desired string from drop down or come-up hints i place a comma then after again this process should be repeated....the same as this and almost forum website use to tag the post...i think u get it now..

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So you want an autosuggest widget.

how to use it and where should i find one

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how to use it and where should i find one

Have you tried searching?

yes i have seen it but after selecting some string i put comma and then the autosuggest doesnt work as i type

Ok so I'll jump in a give you the reality of the situation....

Based on the information you provided so far, you aren't going to get much help outside of general guidance.

Yes you can use the textarea element as well as others for an "auto-suggest" type widget thingy...

There is no such widget here than someone is going to be able to simply give you.

If you really want help, your best approach is to provide a sample of the code you are working with (only relevant code) and a detailed explanation of what you are trying to accomplish, and any errors you encountered.

With that information, you probably would have already received the answer to either solving your issue, or pointing you in the right direction.

With the information we have thus far, the best we can do is tell you to find a widget somewhere online.

Hope this clarifies it and helps you.