I have come accross this website. http://en.colette.fr/women/just-in.html

If you notice, the products are loaded with lightning speed. I understand they are using Magento. However, its still not clear how the products are loaded so fast. Can you guys give an idea what's hapening there. Is it the server or a plugin that caches the products with some super technique.

I really appreciate your time and favorable comments.



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It seems to do some kind of lazy loading (that is the term if you want to google it...). As you can see, when you scroll down the scroll bar changes position everytime you get to a certain position. That means that it loads new results with ajax when you get to the bottom of page. Hope that helps.

So, in other words, to clarify what Adrian is saying, it only loads the images on the page that the browser can see at the time, instead of all of the ones on the entire page. As you scroll, it loads more.

Thanks Adrian and Dani. I am aware of lazy loading and this is the case as well. But I suspect there is more to it. I tried to compare the loading speed with other sites using lazy loading technique but this site still beats them with margin. There must be something they are doing to make it very fast.

And, of course, caching works in that once you've visited the page once, all the images are now stored in your web browser.

Yeah You need to consider the web caching as well. Try empty your browser cache and then check the perfromace of the website manually while you can test throught the link given by Dani.

I don't know but they may be using a better server caching

lazy loading helps in speeding up but other factors also affecting speed of a website like
1. Server they used
2. better db structure
3. Coding standard
4. Cache
Try clear your cache and then try to compare it with other sites.

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