What I want to do is to show an email sign-up pop up when a link is clicked.

This is how I am referencing to the external sumome.php file, which contains the js function:

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.barcabyfans.com/wp-content/themes/hueman/sumome.js"></script>

This is what I am writing for the link:

<p>Get more awesomeness <a href="javascript:append_script_code()">here</a>!</p>

When the user clicks on the 'here' link, the javascript function append_script_code() should run where it is contained in the sumome.js file.

But for some reason it's not working. My questions are:

  1. The sumome.js file is a WordPress plugin's .php file, so should I reference to sumome.php file?

  2. Am I putting the <script>...</script> tags in the right place?


  1. sumome.js file is a .php WordPress plugin file. When the page loads, the pop up appears. I am wanting this pop up to appear when a link is clicked.

  2. You can access the plugin sumome.js file here

  3. You can see where I referencing the file and putting the link here

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You have put the script codes in the correct place. Try to make sure that thelinks are correct.

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