I have the same code snippets included for the header and footer, so they're all identical across all pages on this site. Yet, after updating the site files on my client's webserver today, he says on four of the eight total pages, the footer is essentially taller, and on three of them (of the four), the whole page content shifts to the right.

This makes no sense, as they all share the same layout, same exact header and footer (via php includes, save for some text variable/styles that don't change anything/make the same change on each page, such as bold current menu items, etc.).

So.. Client said he was using IE11, on Windows 7 [Professional], which I have and when I check in my IE, I don't see these effects. (However, I have Home Premium version, while he has Pro, so... any chance that could actually make a difference?)

He said he's cleared his cache...

Any ideas.....?

Thank you much.

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do all clients have the same printers? Do you have the same printer as the clients?

What are you talking about?

I assumed you were talking about printing a report to a lazer printer. If not, then please ignore my silly question.

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