I was wondering because I know that you can do things such as create a website using php and such. And then there can be an instllable file, one for the user one for the admin. Then there can be mobile apps that all run on the same database. My question is: Is it possible to run other code like c# on the same database with PHP?. I was wondering because I've made a game in c# and was wondering I could run it on the same database, and have things from the game show on the website. And also have something like paypal on the website where they can make purchases for the game on the website. And have their game update with whatever they just bought.

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Yes, it is possible in Phalanger and ASP.net environment.

I lifted these codes from this website.

<b>Camels created: </b><?= Class1::$CamelsProcessed ?><br/>
<b>Previous camel: </b><?= Class1::$LastCamel ?><br/>

    $x = new Class1;
    $growncamel = $x->MakeCamelFromGet(); // $x->Camel( $_GET['babycamel'] );
    if ($growncamel):
    ?><h2><?= $growncamel ?></h2><?

Noticed, how seamlessly the PHP instantiate the C# class named Class1? I think that is pretty cool...

We can pretty much do anything with PHP :). Just the thought of it, makes you feel proud writin high quality codes in PHP.

Yes, emphatically yes
many game lobbies run the game in C, the game backend in perl, the frontend website in php, from the same database,
perl and C give rapid non-sequential, simultaneous db access, to thousands of players
php gives a website, where the user can trade for, or buy, game stuff.
If you think, playstation dot com, yep
Xbox live, you'd only be wrong because that site uses asp

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