everything newww....!!!
hoping to learn dis language asap.. any reviews for d beginner??

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What exactly are you looking for?

well.. m lookin for a good book on php which can be helpful for a beginner in the web development like me..

The most obvious place is the manual itself you can view them online or download it in multiple languages.

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I also found the O'Reilly php books very helpful when I was a beginner and still do from time to time. Good luck in your experience.

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great!! thanx.. :)
hope it works

Of course it's going to work if you go read the online manual, a few books, practice coding, and most importantly ask a lot of great questions here on DaniWeb!

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I'd second the O'Reilly publisher. I've also found Wrox and Apress very good too. Whichever language or technology you're going to learn, ensure the book you buy has the most up-to-date version of it. Check the publishing date too and scrutinize any reviews given. Some sites will even allow you to peruse sections of chapters, to give you a flavour of how the book is put together. Some are project-based, some are a sort of "we'll lead you through certain aspects one chapter at a time". Some are a hybrid of both. Make sure you buy one that fits your style of learning. Why? Because books are expensive! I've bought some great ones and I've bought some really bad ones.

thanks.. thanks a lot..

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BTW, maybe my own experiences may help you to avoid some problems. I started coding procedural php, as I assume that most people new to programming with PHP do. I saw Object Orientated (OO) code and ran a mile as I didn't really understand classes and objects and all the jargon that went with it. After many years of procedural programming, I'm finding it extremely difficult to get out of that way of doing things and using OO stuff. It's really frustrating, so I suggest that once you get a good grounding in variables, constants and functions; arrays; conditionals; db manipulation and maybe one or two other aspects, then dive into OO programming as soon as you feel comfortable. Many other languages are completely based on OO, so you can learn other languages reasonably easily using these concepts. Hope that helps.

yup.. i have been working on java for almost 1 year but java is definately not my cup of tea.. so i finally decided that it wud be better to work on dis platform..

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