I am creating a newspaper website and I want to add e-paper option there too..something like this : http://epaper.bhaskar.com/jalandhar/56/04122012/cph/1/

actually I just want to know..how the area is selected automatically when we hover on some part of newspaper and when we click that part..it opens a new pop-up modal to show that part of image.

I request you all to give your reviews and answers so I can get some idea about, how to do this.

If you inspect the source of that page, you can see it uses an area tag.

Hi pritaeas,
Thanks for reply, i know it but my problem i m making a news paper website in that the image of news paper is changing daily that why i want auto process of area tag for each news block plz check this site for referance http://epaper.bhaskar.com/jalandhar/56/04122012/cph/1/

Perhaps you can make a script that scans the image and creates all area tags.

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