i am having an issue with my website. My friend wrote the codes using codeignitor. I am a beginer just to add up . now the index page is only visible and i cannot access any other page than that. Not the admin pages as well. The live codes are accessable to all pages but on my laptop using wamp server i cannot access other pages like

abc com/admin is not viewable instead it shows local host index page where the index page is viewable

I am using Netbeans

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local host index page where the index page is viewable

So you have something like C:\WAMP\www, you copied the website to this directory and now it is in:


Correct? Then try:


Or simply:


Also, CodeIgniter uses an .htaccess file to rewrite the urls and avoid the index.php, make sure you have the .htaccess file in the document root (i.e. C:\WAMP\www\website) and the rewrite module loaded in Apache.

yes but i am unable to acess these pages on wamp on the other hand i just managed to use XAMPP and i didnot faced any such problem

i have changed the settings of htaccess also but of no good

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