So I spent an hour on GoDaddy and Google and didn't get a definitive answer. Does GoDaddy's shared Windows Hosting plan support .NET 4.5.1? I found a page in their support section that mentions that the shared hosting plan supports .NET 4.5. But is that enough to run my website? Does that ".1" thing matter at all?

I'm using the default ASP.NET Web Forms template that comes with VS2013 Express, which is set to .NET 4.5.1 by default. I don't want to downgrade to 4.5 in case it would break some of the built-in features I'm using (like ASP.NET Identity).

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This article has notes on the changes in 4.5.1. An example of something that could cause a problem - there do appear to be new datatypes. If you rely on those datatypes or the other changes this might actually matter a lot.


As they advertise, they support .net 4.5. But if you really develop your application using asp.net, I would recommend you to go with provider like DiscountASP or ASPhostportal.com. They are best in this field.

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