im developing a mass mailing application in php...in lot places i see like post to this address...
lik this one..

To upload your attachment do a HTTP PUT of your attachment file to:



Step 3) Call mailer send with the datasource value set:

To use the send command POST to https://api.elasticemail.com/mailer/send with the following form values:

    username=your account email address
    api_key=your api key
    from=from email address
    from_name=display name for from email address
    subject=email subject 
    body_html=html email body [optional]
    body_text=text email body [optional]
    data_source=your csv file name (eg: test.csv)
    charset=text value of encoding for example: iso-8859-1, windows-1251, utf-8, us-ascii, windows-1250 and moreā€¦
    encoding for None, 1 for Raw7Bit, 2 for Raw8Bit, 3 for QuotedPrintable, 4 for Base64 (Default), 5 for Uue  note that you can also provide the text version such as "Raw7Bit" for value 1

If sent correctly you will receive a response like:


how could i do this programmatically

have you checked out the php mail function?

no we are talking about mass email...if we do this without purchasing smtp or emails from email marketing providers..we will get blocked..

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Are you asking how to use curl?

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Have you looked at curl in the php manual?

is it the same thing im asking?

it doesn't show method to add content length ie i got 411 http error

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The link you provided has a PHP class using fsockopen - so try this instead of curl.