Hi, Everyone...

I have a php script that writes text to an existing .png file. image 1 -

I would like to write / add image 2 too image 1

I have the following script working for the correct score.

                    // add correct score
                    $x = 257;
                    $y = 205;
                    drawplayername($x, $y, trim($correctscore));

the image I would like to write / add to the existing image 1 is 200x200 -
Thats far to big, But I would like to know how to resize the image please on the fly ?

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Have a look at this.

You could use that to adjust the size of your image after it has been saved. It seems relatively easy to handle, and also provides support for PNGs with transparency.

Is it too much of aproblem to resize it with CSS?

I dont want to resize the the main image, I want to resize the images I am adding to the main image.

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Are you using the GD library or imagemagick or something else?

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