how to make like the picture below with jquery and php 8f44abc169cde7f28b0640f162a17cee

why make an image, another http request with the delay and extra page size required, why not just use text to represent a text
if you must
image create and imagegetfttxt in the php helpscreens

not create the image I want to create a twitter like a new tweet and others with jquery and php

I think I get what you mean, but your question it very poorly worded.

Here is a jsFiddle of a similar button, and some jQuery to change the number of tweets. To change this all you need to do is tweak the jQuery with events, changing the variable and then using the .html() function.

Hopefully thats half what you want?

yes I want to change the tweet based on new data that is in mysql so if there is new data add to the tweet
can you help me