Hi Guys

I am a rookie here... I have a function which gets information from a postgres database. And returns an array. But how do I echo a single value from the array returned by the function. Please see function below:

function getDate($campid)
        global $conn,$agencies;

        $sql = "SELECT tsc_date_completed FROM tasks_completed WHERE campid = '".$campid."' AND tsk_id = 10 ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 1";

        $r = pg_query($conn,$sql);
        if ($r)
                $d = pg_fetch_array($r);
                if (!empty($d))
$return['date'] = $d['tsc_date_completed'];

        return $return;
$returnedDate = getDate(1);
echo $returnedDate['date'];

Not even sure why you are returning an array, since you are querying just a single value.

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