hello friends,
i need to do one more step in web developement, it is about CMS or (WCMS), i create web site with php/mysql using dreamweaver so i had facility to creaty template.... my question is how to create a MCS or a just form that will allow me to insert data into mysql database on submit and automaticaly to create new pages that will aplied to my existing template. and one more what the data type for storing htl in mysql phpmyadmin and type for pictures.

If you are asking how to create a complete CMS, I'm afraid that's going to be too much to explain in just one forum post. There are numerous tutorials on the internet that explain step by step how you can set up PHP-MySQL websites and, with that, content management systems.

Secondly, you usually do not store HTML files nor images in your database, but instead you insert the path to the HTML files or images into it, so that you know which HTML files and images you need to load.

yes i know it will be hard so, are there free a cms which i can use for my website ?? keek using my template?? (my website designed by me ??)

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Search for CMS? This is almost impossible to answer. I would imagine that most cmses will use their own templating system and modules, so using it with your own templates may not be possible.

You can always apply your style (css) to a cms, so that it would look similar to the site that you have now.

Thank you friends for yours reply so, just dont really wanna use something like wordpress or something similillar it's for add news on my web i have created the website and database but i want i system to allow to add new i mean add article in database and same time create new pages using my template

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Well, as you know, these new pages don't physically exist and are only created at runtime from a single template. So what you want, I'm assuming is DB table(s) to hold your data.

This should be very simple. You'll need:

1) Article table
2) Possibly additional tables like link tables to article table - depending on complexity.
3) Publish article form (create/post)
4) Edit article form (load/edit/post)
5) Admin page e.g. list of articles in table with options to edit/delete for each (template)
6) Code to retrieve list of latest titles from articles table - to place in a sidebar or even get summary or picture to create a grid of articles. Whatever you're planning (template).
7) Article view page (template) - possibly with related article list - based on "tags".
8) You may wish to publish an RSS feed based upon your articles. Again this is relatively straightforward. There are even free tools out there to do this for you.
9) You should provide "rewritten" urls like daniweb / wordpress etc. If using Apache - use .htaccess rewrite rules for this. That should help with your SEO.