Hi All,

I am doing a project whereby I can create and publish websites/landing page to custom domains. However I am a newbie at publishing. Can someone please guide as to how I can take user input for custom domain where site is to be published at, verify that the user is the owner. Once verified, reserve an IP on the server and publist the site.


What exactly do you need to do?
you need to be a registrar to create a new domain yourself. (and have an dns-server).
But you can create subdomains like somebody.yoursite.com

I do not need to register new domain but rather verify that its registered to the person.

Lets say you have a domain registered yourdomain.com. You come in to the site and choose a landing page template and choose a plan. The first thing that needs to be done is to publish the site at user.mydomain.com which is a sub domain. The second thing is that you might opt to publish the site to yourdomain.com instead of user.mydomain.com.

Hence two questions.

1) How do I achieve the first scenario to publish at user.mydomain.com
2) How can I later change the domain to a custom one. Say yourdomain.com. While doing this, Ofcourse I will need a way to validate if the domain is rightfully yours. Lets say you enter facebook.com as the chosen domain instead of yourdomain.com. I need a way through which I know that facebook.com is not your domain. How to go about doing this validation?

I'm not a PHP developer, but this is what I would envision for the process....

1-Have the user create a Host (A) record in their dns zone file..
2-execute a subroutine on the PHP server to perform a DNS looked for this hostname. If the result of the lookup is true then you have verified that the user owns the domain because they can create records therefore they are the owner.

Next is to figure out how to do this DNS lookup in PHP.

He can also use the mailing system instead, like many others do.
Verify if the owner of the domain is the right one by asking to choose one of 3 mails where to send a verification mail.
Something like postmaster[at]domain[dot]tld, administrator[at]domain[dot]tld or webmaster[at]domain[dot]tld and mail a landing page created by a script to verify the owner of the domain.