Hi guys, i want to populate a drop down list with ajax, and so when i select the first option
thesecond one select must be populated in table like if shoose
<select><option>value one</option>
<option>value two</option></select>

was supoose be populated the second value in another select, but i want be populated in table!
Is something like populate countrys and states, when we shoose country, another selects come with values depends on 1st select!
But i want those values come to table

This is JavaScript question
You have to tie events to selection change then send Ajax request to get list of States fo example, for that country!

Hi Diafol,
Thanks but i solved using something like this!

while ($rowGroup = mysql_fetch_array($resGroup)) {
 ?><a href="Types.php?id=<?php echo $rowGroup['id'] ?>" value="<?php echo $rowGroup['id'] ?>"><?php echo $rowGroup['group_name'] ?></a>

IS working properly, so now my problem is, when i choose one of group, the page is reloading and i don't want page to reload.
So i'll check the link, and then i let u know!