Hi, recently started a new job where I will creating .net applications, however there is one person who designs the html and css in notepad++ and then puts it onto the local server which I can then pull down onto my own machine. I was just wondering how I link this with my .net application? In any other jobs that I've used .net I was always doing both the design and the functionality all in visual studio so this other way is new to me.

Thanks in advance

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I would imagine that it would be difficult to develop asp.net code in notepad++. In any case, i dont see an issue. Different people can work on the html/.net code using different IDEs.

However, when various people are developing on a team, it could become very challenging if you are all developing using different tools and not using a management system for versioning, moving code through staging, production, etc...

Initially you can simply use drag and drop to drag content files into your Visual Studio project. This automatically adds the files into your project when you drop the files onto Solution Explorer.

As @JorgeM points out, if your colleague is responsible for the upkeep of these files, you'll both need to use a versioning tool such as GIT or Microsoft's Team Foundation Server (TFS.)

Thank you for the replies :) Turns out its much simplier than that, I just had to overwite the site master page with my colleagues HTML and include the CSS files in the project folder.

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