ASP is a rigid language and it has tighter error checking tool than PHP has; its syntax is designed over VB. On the other side, PHP has wider range of in-built functions with better flexibility; its syntax is gained from C++. PHP is much friendlier than ASP. Which language has better marketing prospects seeing the modern environment of businesses?

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I don't know much about ASP, but I've never had any problems with error checking in PHP. PHP's market share for web applications is much much greater than ASP, so I would have to say PHP. It's really just a matter of what you're more confortable with. You can almost always get the same end goal results with either.

You mentioned ASP and VB so I'm assuming you are referring to Classic ASP. I'd say that if you were interested in developing on a Microsoft framework, you'd be looking at ASP.NET, not Classic ASP. ASP.NET is a very powerful framework. you would be developing in one or more languages...most commonly C#, but there is a lot out there in VB.NET.

You should go with whatever you are comfortable with. The typical question of "Which is better?" has been asked over and over again. How about this... first learn the programming concepts... then when you have a solid foundation, you can learn either or both..since at that point, you are generally just learning syntax.

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