Hi, I have a cricket related website that is currently hosted on a VPS with two other websites. We are expecting a huge hike in traffic during the next 6 weeks during World Cup.

I need suggestions for hosting and CDN to be able to stay live throughout the event. We will be receiving 10,000 - 15,000 visitors daily.


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Talk to your host they may offer scaling options.

I have previously done the same. I am not satisfied with their server performance. I am really looking to move to a better option.

I think it really also depends on where you want your hosting server to reside, as some hosts don't have servers everywhere. That being said, I have used Site5 for over 6 years and I really like them. Uptime is great, and their support is always great as well. They provide server locations around the world to choose from, and the prices are pretty good.


There a lot others out there as well to choose from. (stay away from GoDaddy).

For a CDN, I might recommend https://www.cloudflare.com but again, there a lot of these to choose from as well.