Hi, for the project I am working on I have four folders all which have 650 xml files in them, I need to write a program that will take the first file from each of the folders and send them to a database where the results from the xml will be stored. I then need to set a timer so that after 5 - 10 seconds the second file from each of the folders will be sent etc. Just wondering if anyone can help or give me some advice of how to go about doing this.

Thanks in advance

What exactly do you need help with? Do you want a website that does this, or an application, or a service? If you have processed a file, will you delete it? Are you inserting into the database yourself? Do you need to parse the XML too?

Its just a simple web app that I have to create. Haven't been given a lot of information about it to be honest. All I know is I have a folder with four sub folders all of which have 650 files. I have to write a system that will take the 00001 file from each folder and upload it to a stored procedure that then parses it. Then after 5 seconds it will upload the 00002 file then 00003 etc. The files need to be kept at the minute as it's for testing purposes, the way im sending it to the database is via a stored procedure where I need to provide the document and filename. That's the only information I know, sorry.

You can use the DirectoryInfo and FileInfo classes to get a list of your folders and files. I'd start there.