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I dont know if this is the right thread for my problem but since I am developing the site with Php and MySQL Ive posted in here. My problem is, the website can be pinged without www prefix but when I browse it in the browser, I am redirected to the cgi-bin folder which is not I wanted to do. It should redirect to the site index.php as I have put the site contents in the root folder. Another problem is, I cannot ping the site with a www prefix.? It says website not found and no ping reply..

Anyone has encounter the same problem? please share your ideas. I am thinking it would be a dns problem like adding CNAME or A record in my dns manager. But I do not have a dns manager since the site is a government website and there is a governing body In-charge to DNS registration and they just told me that the domain is already activated..

Anybody has encountered the same proble? Please share your ideas..

Thank you!

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Actually it seems to be a DNS problem, probably they are missing a ServerAlias reference in the zone.


thats what Im thinking too.. Im still waiting for thier reply and until now I did not hear any from them. I will update as soon as possible.

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