sorry for my ignorance but i am a true learner at this web site building game and only started trying to build my site a few months ago.
i have now created a monster ( be it a basic one )
my site is www.racehorsetrainer.com.au and i am offering trainers with web sites the opportunity to have a link with thier name to their site and the trainers without their own site can have a profile page linked to their name which i build for them.
my ? is can a trainer i have built a web profile page for change a portion of the page himself.
the reson i ask is some horse trainers would like to do a newsletter every sunday night and associate it with there profile page.
here is a page i built for g begg http://www.racehorsetrainer.com.au/nsw/metro/grahamebegg.htm if he could have a button on there that opened a new page with news that he could update himself via e-mail he could keep his horse owners upto date. thanks for your time and please keep in mind this is my first attempt at building a site.
this ? was posted on another part of the site and someone pointed me in the direction of php so here i am knowing nothing at all about the subject but willing to learn.
i built the site with dreamweaver regards rob
at some stage there may be say 100 trainers or more with profile pages so having me update them would be out of the question.

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The easiest way to get this going is to use a database to store the information on each trainer, including newsletters etc. Php is often used to present results pulled from SQL databases (MySQL, Postgre, etc.) Many web hosting outfits give you access to a database as well as part of their plans. I think Dreamweaver has some code to help post and retrieve from dbs. Try to stay away from Access if you think your site is going to grow as Access is lousy at scaling to multiple users.

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