using few softwares we can create web site and even can create better web pages than writing programs by our own itseems. is it true? if so then can any1 suggest me a simple software? please help me in this..

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I actually find it better to work every code by myself. Why? Because that way, if something goes wrong I'll surely know where it went wrong. Most GUI IDEs will fill your applications with code from the elements you might insert into your project, so if one of them fails, you will have to learn how the code works and infer where to correct it.

Anyway, I use UltraEdit to work on my HTML, PHP, ASP, Javascript, and all web projects. It's an advanced text editor with the option for code indentation and formatting. It's really awesome.

There are a lot of programs that you can use to make websites. If you're aiming at making a number of web pages and would like to organise them, then you may need to look at IDEs such as Eclipse for web development, NetBeans or Komodo. Personally, I have been using Eclipse for php, html and css and a little bit of Javascript then wanted to learn how to use javascript widely. and, I had to download Komodo which has been the best so far for javascript auto-completion. And Eclipse for web development is good for php. Also, if you want something really simple, Try using Notepad++ for free.

If you have any more questions, don't hestitate to ask. And, I hope this helps you.

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