I have to input data in a ASP form like microsoft excel with many rows and columns.
How should I do to make this form ? :sad:
Thanks !

Thats what Excel is good at why they want you to re-invent the wheel ? that's dumb. Distribute an excell spreadsheet the end user fills it in, emails it or saves it some server share, import it into the database. ASP is for web applications it ain't a spreadshhet that's what spreadsheets are for.

You could do it, but you need a hell of a lot of text boxes, and you may have problems with the maximum amount of data allowed in an HTML POST.

I recon if you have to use asp you need one 'records' worth of text boxes, ie one text box for each column and then a HTML table underneath. The user fills out each box for one record and hit a submit button then you can post that to the server stuff it in the DB, concat out HTML table back to the client ready for next client.

If your good you'll use the HTTPRequest object (exposed in just about all the javascript complient browsers now) to save yourself a full post and page re-build round-trip to the srever. This is what AJAX is all about.

Thanks a lot ! I'll use an excel spreadSheet instead.

But there is a big problem with excel spreedsheet.
That's the user change my spreadsheet !
What can I do with this problem ?

you can lock the workbook, sheet(s), columns or cells.

In the properties of an individual cell for example there is a checkbox in one of the tabs (the last one I think) that specifies whether the cell will be locked/unlocked when you lock the whole sheet. This way you can lock most of the sheet and users will only be able to modify the small number of cells that you want them to . The rest you can control programatically with VBA code which can also be password protected.

I havn't used Excel much for a while so I'm a bit rusty. But here's some good stuff about it: