Focus not working. What is the error in my code
Dynamic Textbox Code:

select query
$i =1;
<input type="text" name="class_teacher_entry[]" id="class_teacher_entry<?php echo $i; ?>" class='marks' size="5"  maxlength="3" onkeypress="return onlyNumbers(event);" onblur="markValidation(this.value,document.getElementById('marktotal').value,<?php echo $i; ?>);"/>

function markValidation(a,b,i)
var c = parseInt(a); var d = parseInt(b);
alert("Mark Should be less than Total marks:"+d);
return false;

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No errors in your console log? Or is c never greater than d (the onblur is firing but your output never happens)?

In my code, c is always less than d. But why it is not working?

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