can anyone give an idea like how to develop an online quiz
how can i enter questions
how to match entered answers with the ight answer
and get the result

just give me an idea
plz help me on this regard

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you can create a DB with one table for Questions and with the correct answer and the choice.
Another table to hold the multiple choice options of all the questions.

Then you can have a users database also to keep track of who has taken the test so far.

What DB are planning to work with, Access or MS SQL?

i am using MS SQL server 2005

Thats better. want to do the same application online test, i think u have done the application.. so plz send the code to me,
i want that urgently
my mail id
i hope u send the code ...

hi friends.
this is harry , can any one help me in explaining the best mechanism to develop an online examination which will have different types of questions like multiple selection,single selection, true/false, rating scale, constant on...

i would be thankfull if any one gives me an idea...
regards harry..

please check this,
maybe help you...

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