Could someone please help me where I can find a large recent list of; Emulated Devices User String Agents for Chrome, I can't find it in my searches.

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Theres User Agent strings for devices, BlackBerry, Nokia, Samsung those are the string agents I'm looking for ? :)


I tried that page as well, no devices for which I want are listed.

You can add devices to Chrome Web Dev but you need the right User Agent strings, this all because Google removes devices from it's list, it seems, every version, one is left for web development to find the devices and the user agent string and manually add it to Chrome, I can't find the list, arghhh.

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diafol - this list is better, although looking at this page, to add a device to Chrome you have to supply the; width, height and pixel ratio as well as, the UserAgent String to which Chrome recongizes, and looking at the link I supplied, none of that information is present ?

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