I use firefox from Linux and Firefox keeps dropping my downloads, I don't know if this issue is specific to the Linux version or not. Is anyone else having this problem? Also, I looked through the settings but I don't see an option to limit the number of downloads that run at one time, does anyone know if this is poissible? Thanks.

I run Linux almost exclusively and have not had this problem. What versions of Linux & Firefox are you running?

Have you tried clearing the cache. Firefox as options for limits on the amount space you use to store downloaded files. Your cache may be full or you may have user quotas setup limiting the space the user can have on the system.

It's not related to Firefox. It could be related to the connection you are getting from your ISP, or the server you are downloading from. Does it happen on different web sites, or just one? How large are the files you're trying to download? What Linux distribution are you using? What version of Firefox are you using?

That could happen in any OS. The best solution is to install a plugin (a download manager) to the browser I recommend DownThemAll

i agree, seems like everytime i try to use mozilla, its always having an issue. desktop or mobile device. addtional applications are just not linking with it properly.