What is the tech stack of houzz.com and Etsy?
We want to build a similar application with millions of images and users, high traffic.... basically we want the base on LAMP(php) and what else we can add? Of course hosting will be EC2, S3 and Cloudfront but what else we can add to it? how can we add redis, solr, node.js, memcache to LAMP? Should we start with MySQL with Redis, Cassandra, Solr...etc... advise on the best tech stack as i said the application is going to be massive....

I believe etsy is runing ruby stack.. If not they should be, for an application of that size, you would get perfomance with a ruby stack.

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As most pro sites prettify their urls, it is almost impossible to say which server-side techs they are using. The big hitters may also be using a mix of different ones.

You mention building a site of millions of images and users, but have no idea which stack to use? It sounds as though you do not have much experience in this area.

If I have this great idea, I'd be thinking, I need to get this off the ground as quickly as possible and with a robust codebase and great performance. How? Hmmm. How long would it take me to learn all the technical stuff I need to implement? Too long. OK, bite the bullet, call some people. Heh heh.

What in-house expertise do you have in this venture?

we have in house php developers

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Experienced ? You're going to need some pretty good front end devs too by the sounds of it as well as some awesome designers. Most devs are pretty average designers, despite what their egos tell them.

we have php developers good at corePHP, WP and CI. Front End we are planning to hire someone who is good at AngularJS & BackboneJS.

But what should be stack?

  1. Server - Apache ? what else need to be added to the server?
  2. Database - MySQL is good to add Redis, Memcache and Cassandra with MySQL?
  3. Server side scripting: should we add node.js too?
  4. How to manage search on the application? Should we add amazon cloudSearch? (or) Elastic Search? Lucene? Solr?