Hello guys i want to ask how can i update my website, i want to make website for random posts updates but im confuzed in creating it. My question is how can i add new posts, do i need to create html files everytime i write new post and update it to the server or is there other way to do it with PHP for example to make "admin panel site" www.mywebsite.com/admin (with password protection) and from there to do the rest. Or maybe there is other way of doing this ? If you didnt get me ask below i will try to explain again i have abad english.

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You should have a form - either public or behind an admin wall - depending on who is allowed to post. If just you - then have it behind the admin wall (login). The post title, body, tags, date, author etc should be saved to a DB table, e.g. 'posts'. Usually we use a WYSIWYG editor for this purpose. There are hundreds to choose from. Try out a lot of them to see which one you like - the better ones will not fill up with needless markup tags and attributes. Because all this is kept in a DB table and dated and 'tagged', you can search easily, or create pagination, or title links for the last 10 posts, etc. Loads of nice stuff - like "similar posts to this".


Also i forgot to ask does the admin wall password is better to be stored in database or variable in the script it self and how sure i will be that the password wont get cracked?

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