So, I've been teaching myself HTML, CSS, JS/jQuery for the last three months and I've finally got enough stuff put together that I'd like to create a portfolio. I've been using Brackets and checking different viewport sizes by increasing and decreasing Chrome's browser window, specifically by using the Chrome extension 'Window Resize' . I had the front page looking great in all different viewport sizes, but when I uploaded my files to the server, and check my site (from my iPhone6), nothing looks even close to how it did as I was designing it. Click Here Is the extension 'Window Resize' not accurate or am I missing something here?

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I'm not familar with tha particular tool but I've found the device mode option available in Chrome Inspector is pretty good and I've never had issues with a page not matching between the device and the inspector.
Having said that, nothing beats testing it on the actual device.


Hmm. Doesn't work too well on Chrome 17" laptop) when I resize. The centred "arrow down" button is below the fold as soon as I resize to less than 100%.

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