Hello All, i have run into an issue with my little project that i cannot seem to find much on and im at a lose for resources to check through.

I am trying to get and use data that is being pulled from a json echo to my other php page but it is being echoed in real time due to ajax and a new javascript im not fimiliar with called angular that i am currently trying to learn which is probably why im stuck in the first place.

here is my echo line in my ph file

$result = $mysqli->query($sql);
    $data = $result->fetch_assoc();

    echo json_encode($data);

that comes from my php file through the jquery call from my javascript file

$scope.edit = function(temp_id){
    dataFactory.httpRequest(URL + '/api/details.php?member_id='+member_id).then(function(data) {
        $scope.form = data;

now i know this works because in my html i can see the data come through in real time if i do something like this

echo "{{form.select_consumer_state}}";

or something in just plain html like so

<h4>Details for {{form.name_of_the_consumer}}</h4>

there is also this

<td>{{ value.date_range }}</td>

these ways of getting the data back on the page are very new to me, or maybe i jast havent been doing this long enough but this code uses some javascript called angular and when i go to use the variables in any of my php or javascript it simply doesnt work. I need to know how to can go about using this data in php or javascript, either will work fine

i have tried something like this in javascript


or something like this in php

echo $json['data'];

and i have tried various other methods to get the data but nothing seems to be working for me
but i am completely new to this {{data}} thing so if anyone has any tips for me i am definitly all ears.

If i didnt explain enough or was not clear with my words let me know, thanks in advance!

NEVERMIND, lol if i had done more testing and reading then i might have figured out how to work angular before asking so quickly. I learned about manipulating the data before it hits the page rather than changing it on the page itself. Sorry to bother everyone.