NOTE: Viewed and tested in 
    MS Edge 25.10586.627.0
    MS EdgeHTML 13.10586


As you can see in the fiddle, if 50 elements are displayed and calculated, a scroll bar will appear. 51 or more and the scrollbar will not appear, and scrolling is impossible. Is anyone else seeing this behavior? If so, is this defined or is this a bug? If a bug, where can I submit it for review?



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The old disappearing right scroll bar. Still bugged and there are prior discussions.

Microsoft got reports in 2015 so they know. I bet they don't care.
Or read http://i.imgur.com/9TxWoa9.png

I wish you had found a new bug here.

PS. Broke in IE11 too. Did not try this fix (scroll down at link to follow,

Edited by rproffitt: Added PS. Link


Hmmm... are you suggesting that the link I posted above worked for you in Edge? That you were able to scroll the 51 count, but the scroll bar just disappeared for you? From what I am reading in the link you posted, that seems to be for the auto hide scroll bar feature, ala MacOS/Safari style. This is not at all what I am getting at :-/


Sorry Ryantroop.

Neither Edge or IE11 worked and I declined to alter my IE11 to fix the missing scroll bar.

Sorry but the issue does seem to be there, Microsoft knows about it, you're not seeing things.

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