I have a Windows XP Home, Apache/2.0.49 (Win32), PHP/5.1.4 mod_perl/2.0.2, Perl/v5.8.3, MySQL 5.0 platform at my home. I've been doing Perl work with mod_perl on the Apache for some time with no problems. I've worked with PHP and MySQL at other places, but have just recently installed them in my home environment. The MySQL service is starting automatically and running fine and PHP (module implementation), based on the command line 'PHP -v' command and a CGI print of environment variables, is installed and running. But when I try to execute the phpinfo.php script, I get a blank screen and can view the PHP source.

I've added C:/PHP to the path. I renamed the recommended PHP configuration to php.ini and placed it in the C:/PHP directory. I added 'LoadModule php5_module "C:/PHP/php5apache2.dll"' and 'PHPIniDir "C:/PHP/"' in the DSO section and 'AddType application/x-httpd-php .php' in the addtype section of the
Apache httpd.conf file. I set Display_errors and log_errors to On, doc_root = C:\usr\www\steepusa, and extension_dir = C:\PHP\ext
in the php.ini file. And of course, I restarted the Apache. But the phpinfo.php script is not working. Can someone please help me understand this?

Craig Tussey :rolleyes:

Try this. Go to...

C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\htdocs

Once there open notepad and type in:-

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Save the file as "phpinfo.php". Use quotation marks when actually saving it.

Now open up your internet browser and type in this address.


That's what I did after changing and amending all the .dlls


Thanks for responding. I had tried what you suggested (see original message), but what do you mean by changing and amending .dlls?



what do you mean by changing and amending .dlls?


Well I am using a cd with an all in one (mysql,apache and php).

The book instructed me to change some of the files to add the php module to apache. It will probably be slightly different for you. Have you read the documentation for installation thoroughly?