i did one quiz application using php..in that i display 3 questions from database depending on the category the user select...i display one question per page..when user click on next button i display the next question...and i put timer for every question..when we click on next button every time..i display timer from starting..i capture the time when user click on radio button first time(timer) and second time...(timer2)
so the problem is i want to store(scores) that question_id,radio button value and timer (timer1 and timer 2)values in my database..

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So basically, you probably want to store the time that you serve the question to them and the time at which they submit an answer. You can determine how long it took them to answer by subtracting the former from the latter.

yes exactly..i want to store those details in database..

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Don.t use js timers to log times but use server time. Js can be worked around by users. Use it as a front end aid by all means.

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