I was installing some modules in Drupal 7.  Suddenly, the helpful buttons across the top for admin mode disappeared.  Can anyone tell me what happened and what I have to do?

I am able to go to {website}/admin and essentially see the same buttons on the page that, I guess, I would see across the top of the page, but I wonder if I am missing out on some functionality.

But even if I still have the functionality, I still can not find the place where I can install new modules, and the system is telling me I need the "views" module to view some content I need to manage.

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Unfortunately I don't have any Drupal experience, but are you able to uninstall the modules that started the problem in the first place? Is there an easy way of doing so? I'm sorry, I'm unfamiliar with Drupal.

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I agree with Dani. Uninstall modules one at a time. ARe these modules 3rd party? Trusted? Good reviews?

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