I have web design and development website how to get leads on that site.

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Many people write this starts at home. You clean your house first if you are in the cleaning business.

For web design you may have trouble since your site has some 100 plus warnings and errors given by

It's like having a ragged dirty business card with spelling and grammar errors.

My advice is clean up your web site, and do the usual Facebook, LinkedIn and spread the word among family and friends. Be detail oriented since slap dash web work is common and quality is king.

I see metrikhive.com and metrikhive.in. Same business? Perhaps a link between the two or simply forward one to the other?

On the ".com" site...

Clean up http://www.metrikhive.com/jobs/

You have this...

This job listing was created using Job Manager for WordPress, by Tom Townsend.

And a link to a 404 page. This is bad ANYWHERE, but http://www.metrikhive.com/jobs/ is one click from the main site, and one of the main links. That right there would make me go elsewhere. If you're a web designer and have 404 and skeleton pages one click from the main page on your own site, why would I hire you to design MY webpage?

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Firstly you need to make your website attractive that can attract the users for your services. You can check other website design and development company that how they are different from you. How attractive their websites are. you can review this website which gets most leads.

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