Hello everyone,

I'm currently developing a webpage that when user input the data needed in Advance Filtering and click on the button'Search Result',the table will show the data needed,but the problem is i get the error of Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'fnDraw' of undefined when the user choose the input.

Can any kinds buddy help to assist me in my problem?

Thank you.


    var oTable,
            tableWidth = $(".hunter-table").width();

    // Summary Table from summary page
     $(".SummaryTable").length > 0 && $(".SummaryTable").each(function() {

        if (!$(this).hasClass("dataTable-custom")) {
            var e = {
                sPaginationType : "full_numbers",

{if $pageType == "summary"}

<!-- advanced filter --> <section id="msp_filter"> <!-- button --> <div> <a id='msp_open_btn' class='btn btn-red is-open'>Advance Filtering <i class='icon-chevron-down'></i></a> </div> <!-- filter detail --> <div id='msp_filter_content'> <div class='msp_filter_box'> <table class="msp_filter_table"> <thead> <tr> <th></th> </th></th> </tr> </thead> <tbody> <tr> <td colspan='2'> <h5 class='filter_title'>Date & Time</h5> </td> </tr> <tr> <td>Month</td> <td> <select id="f_month" class='custom_select'> <option value=''>All</option>
              </select> <select id="f_month_2" class='custom_select'> <option value=''>No Filter</option>
              </select> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> >= Date</td> <td> <input id='f_date' type='date' value='' class='custom_datepick'> </td> </tr> <tr> <td colspan='2'> <h5 class='filter_title'>Product Status</h5> </td> </tr> <tr> <td>Category</td> <td> <select id="f_product" class='custom_select'> <!--<option value='no'>All</option>--> <option value='I'>PVC</option> <option value='F'>FABRIC</option> </select> </td> </tr> <tr> <td>Completion</td> <td> <select id="f_comp" class='custom_select'> <option value='no'>All</option> <option value='1'>Completed</option> <option value='0'>Not Completed</option> </select> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> </div> <div class='msp_filter_box'> <h5 class='filter_title'>Custom Search</h5> <div class='m-20'> <input id='f_text_search' type='text' class='custom_text' placeholder='eg. Jobsheet, Articleno'> <i class='icon-search'></i> </div> <a class='btn btn-green mt-10' id="f_form_search">Search Result</a> <a class='btn btn-blue mt-10' id="f_table_refresh">Refresh Table</a> <a class='btn btn-red mt-10' id="f_form_reset">Reset Filter</a> </div> </div><!-- filter detail --> </section><!-- advanced filter -->
{/if }

<!--Big Wrapper--> <div class="hunter-body"> <!-- Table Insult --> <div class="hunter-table"> <!--Title--> <div class="hunter-table-title"></div><!--End Title--> <!-- dummy slider --> <div class="hentai-main"> <div class="hentai-scroll"> <div class="dummy-scroll"> </div> </div> </div><!-- dummy slider --> <!-- A lot of Table --> <div class="hunter-main-table"> <!-- slideshow idea container --> <div class="wip-container"> <div class="wip-slider"> <!--get schedule latest date, prepare for datatable filter--> <input type="hidden" id="wipDate" value="{$pageDate}"/> <input type="hidden" id="todayDate" value="{$todaydate}"/> <table class="SummaryTable table table-nomargin dataTable-display table-borderd usertable"> <thead> <tr>
                                {if $pageType == "summary"}
                                <th style="text-align: center; width : 1px !important;">No</th> <th style="text-align: center;width:80px !important;">Customer</th> <th style="text-align: center;width:60px !important; ">Jobsheet No.</th> <th style="text-align: center;width:200px; !important">Product Description</th> <th style="text-align: center;width:60px; !important">Article No / Old Article</th> <th style="text-align: center;width:20px !important;">Size / Color</th> <th style="text-align: center;width:10px !important;">Order Quantity</th> <th style="text-align: center;width:20px !important;">Ship Date</th> <th style="text-align: center;width:20px !important;">Material Status</th> <th style="text-align: center;width:20px !important;">Cutting Status</th> <th style="text-align: center;width:20px !important;">PVC Printing Status</th> <!--<th class="plf-none" style="text-align: center;width:40px !important;">Fab Printing Status</th>--> <th style="text-align: center;width:20px !important;">Fab Printing Status</th> <th style="text-align: center;width:20px !important;">PVC Printing QC Status</th> <th style="text-align: center;width:20px !important;">Sealing Status</th> <th style="text-align: center;width:20px !important;">Air Test Status</th> <th style="text-align: center;width:20px !important;">Sewing Status</th> <th style="text-align: center;width:20px !important;">Final Inspection</th> <th style="text-align: center;width:20px !important;">Packing Status</th> <th style="text-align: center;width:20px !important;">Warehouse</th>

              sDom : '<"voon"fl>rt<"joon"ip>',
                oLanguage : {
                    sSearch     : "<span class='vccc'>Date Filter :</span><select id='wipFilter'></select><span>Quick Search :</span> ",
                    sInfo       : "Showing <span>_START_</span> to <span>_END_</span> of <span>_TOTAL_</span> entries",
                    sLengthMenu : "_MENU_ <span>entries per page</span>"
          fnServerParams : function(data) {
              { name : 'month'  , value : $f_month.val()    },
              { name : 'month2' , value : $f_month_2.val()  },          
              { name : 'date'   , value : $f_date.val() || 'no' },
              { name : 'product', value : $f_product.val()  },
              { name : 'comp'   , value : $f_comp.val()     },
              { name : 'search' , value : $f_t_search.val() || 'no' }
          fnDrawCallback : function() {


            // cache in window object
            oTable = $(this).dataTable( { bRetrieve : true } );

            if ($(this).hasClass("dataTable-display")) {
                e.iDisplayLength = 10;
                e.bDeferRender = !0;

            ggTable = $(this).dataTable(e);

            $(".dataTables_filter input").attr("placeholder", "Search here...");
            $(".dataTables_length select").wrap("<div class='input-mini'></div>").chosen({
                disable_search_threshold : 9999999
    }); // end summary table

    // caching DOM and bind event
        var $this        = $(this),
                $container   = $this.find("div.wip-container"),
                $dummyMain   = $this.find("div.hentai-main"),
                $dummyScroll = $dummyMain.find("div.hentai-scroll"),
                $dummy       = $dummyScroll.find("div.dummy-scroll"),
                $voon        = $container.find("div.wip-slider").find("div.voon"),
                $wipFilter   = $voon.find("select#wipFilter"),
                $joon        = $container.find("div.wip-slider div.joon"),
                $table       = $container.find("div.wip-slider table"),
                $span        = $table.find("span.tabletitle"),
                $datestr     = $container.find("input#wipDate"),
                $dateoption  = $datestr.val(),
                $todaydate   = $container.find("input#todayDate"),
                poch         = $todaydate.val();

        // asyn scroll bar with the original one
        $dummyScroll.css("width",tableWidth + "px");
        $dummy.css("width",( $table.width() + 10) +"px");

        // scroll event
            var pixel = $(this).scrollLeft();
            $voon.css("margin-left", pixel + "px");
            $joon.css("margin-left", pixel + "px");
            // update dummy scroll bar

        // when scrolling dummy, update the original one
            var pixel = $(this).scrollLeft();

        // when window Resize, update the dummy scroll width
            var width = $(".hunter-table").width();
            $dummyScroll.css("width",width + "px");

            var container = $container.offset().top;
            if($(this).scrollTop() > container ) {
            } else {

        // filter by date
                                var val = $(this).val();
                                if(val === 'all') {
                                } else {
        // auto filter after page landing
    // this statement must go before the previous one
        $wipFilter.children("option[value^='" + poch +"']").prop("selected","selected").change();
    }); // end cache dom

// redraw otable 
  function ofs() {



I have try to add

var dTable = group_table.find('div.dataTables_scrollBody table').dataTable({'bRetrieve': true});

to function ofs() but nothing seem to work.

Please help me as I'm really lost now...

Have you examine this part?