Hi - I'm the new kid on the block. glad to meet you all. I'll start with a problem.

Can anyone please help me? I'm looking for a free script to hide ALL media players when an end user activates a hyperlink to play short pieces of music on my proposed website.

Ideally - when activated, the 'skin', or anchor control panel will be hidden and never be seen when music is playing and a small control will automatically drop to the lower tool bar, exactly as happens with Windows Media Player.when manually minimized.

I believe that it might be a simple Javascript, which can be placed in the HTML source code
to perform the function?


Thank you and kind regards,
Bob McKean

You can't drop anything into the end user's 'real' toolbar (from a webpage). that would be outright rude.

If you mean something different; be specific.

Hi & thanks for your reply

It's perhaps important to note that the end users will have already chosen to download the files and have the music stored in their computers and NOT be attempting to perform this "hidden" function while directly downloading the music from the Internet.

If you have such a script, could you please send it to me via e-mail sybobcat@yahoo.com
at your earliest convenience.

Thank you and kind regards,
Bob McKean

In Windows: to create a button in the taskbar/hide a window; you need moderate-to-extensive access to the Windows API or lower. Javascript is a high level (and highly restricted) language designed to be deployed through browsers (which may or may not be running on Windows). Naturally; for too many reasons to list here; you cannot get that level of access from Javascript. If you could; I wouldn't leave Javascript turned on. On any other OS; the same hopefully applies.

You could do this if you were writing your own standalone application or browser plugin. But not from any webpage; and not with javascript.

You do not have the RIGHT to mess with my computer. It happens to be the CRIME of computer tampering if you try to.

That browser and media player are installed on MY computer, not yours. The settings I make apply to how they behave, and you have absolutely no right to change them.