There is something that confuse me. Check this site: www.fresway.com

When I try to login. There is this error appearing:

JSON.parse unexpected character at line 1

(I am using speedy wifii)

If I change using my cell phone hotspot. Then I am able to login.

This is strange why is it?

I prefer using my speedy internet since my company paid for it. Any clue why?

What does my website has to do with this internet?

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Correlation != Causation

Why is the parsing failing? Clue, it's almost certainly not your connection speed.

Not connection speed?

I try again login to the web from my home internet wifii. It works! Why it doesn't in the office?

Any number of possibilities. Your office network may block or blacklist certain web requests, or the firewall blocks them. If that's the case, you may end up getting a malformed JSON string and then you cannot log in due to JS errors.

If you own the site, you can look at the logs and see if things are happening in the order you expect. If not, the best you can do is look at your profiler and see if you get any 400+ or 500+ calls and see what's failing.

Good luck!


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