hi all,,, :mrgreen:

hey i been working under a website project .. my problem is i want to change a button property which is residing in another page ...

Its like this

pagename =help.asp

<head><title>"Spandana" Help</title></head>
<frameset cols=40%,*>
<frame name=fr1 src="indexpage.asp" frameborder=0 noresize>
<frame name=fr2 src="contentpage.asp" frameborder=0>

<% ????help me here...what to write????? %>


this is an asp page ...and from here itself i want to disable the visibility of a button which is inside the indexoage.asp page... (consider all these asp files are in same directory)

the visibility i can handle using ' style.visibilty="hidden" ' but how will i can access that form ..

waiting for ur damshoot reply

Why not just apply the style directly to the button in the page? If you can explain the reason for hidding/displaying the button we can give a more suitable response.