Hello guys, unfortunately it looks like I'll have to use your help again. I'm struggling for few days to configure some filters in woocomerce and I can not do it at all.
I'm trying to configure some filters to appear only in subcategories, and a main filter only in the main category.

Here is an exemple how i would like to configure this:

Sunglasses | Sunglasses 1 | Sunglasses 2

Subcategory (Just 1 Filtre)
Boys | Girls

Boys | Girls

Color | Model | Brand | Etc.

Any idea how to make this possibile? I would really appreciate if someone nice can help me :(. Cheers.
The problems is that all filters are showing up on all pages.

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I've never used Woocommerce before so I probably can't assist much, but if you attach a screenshot of what the admin page looks like, maybe I could help figure something out?

Really sorry about this reply spaming, but i cant edit:

I guess this Widget:

class="widget woocommerce widget_layered_nav woocommerce-widget-layered-nav toggled-off"

Needs some kinda of code to display only in shop subcategories.

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