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Please share your SEO strategies for your e-commerce stores. Thanks.

Don't use the manufacturer's description of the product. Write your own extremely accurate assessment otherwise you will likely not get much reward from the search engine as trhe product would be described elsewhere exactly the same way at least once and your newer page will have duplicate content.

Also, use heading tags <hx>Label The Product</hx> and lightly emphasize keyphrases, synonymous keyphrases using bold or strong tags.

Try to be unique in your layout.

Most of these SEO threads tend to attract a lot of spam. I've talked to Dani about this and we're allowed to delete most of it nowadays. Unfortunately the overall quality in these thread are still not up to standard.

Unique content
Link Building
Useful information on your products
Pretty much anything that you think your target audience would enjoy.

I think it important to differentiate between on-site and off-site SEO. Original, relevant, quality content in titles and product descriptions matter most for on-site SEO and link building obviously is the most important factor in off-site SEO. Building inbound links is the most challenging aspect of SEO (not just for ecommerce merchants). Having traditional and social media outreach programs are quite useful and should be employed by every Internet retailer.

best seo strategy for ecommerce website is is link building, keyword strength, your product description in ecommerce store

My strategy is link building,link wheels,articles,press realeses,forum postings,social book-marking sites like reddit and Digg and commenting on High traffic blogs related to my niche

We are promote our ecommerce website by using white hat seo method, because its a organic way to promote business o we get good results in major search engines.

Always & only white hat!
Explore which keywords your top competitors promote, you have some great tools to to that.
Write quality content and than write more unique quality content.
make sure every page has description and keywords.
link building

Many of the above. In addition we also focus new attention on site speed and validation.
I know what your thinking, wait a minute thats not SEO. Well in 2011 things are a little more complex. Google tracks user experience through Google toolbar, Chrome Android and Google checkout. So bad user experiences can effect SEO.
Most shopping carts are terrible at page speed because they are loading so many elements. So adding speed to our list of things to fix boosts conversions and SEO. Our stats show there are over 10 browsers used on our site. So cross browser compatibility is now a bigger issue. I believe improvements in this area will help our SEO.

If you use magento platform, you would not worry about seo. It has features like Google Site Map, Meta information, auto generated site map, reviews, etc, Magento takes care of SEO part of the website.

unique content is key. As mentioned above, write unique description texts for the products you offer. don't use texts from manufacturer sites / review sites / other online stores. It's a lot of work, takes time and can be hard but I tell you: It will pay off!!

E-Commerce store is promote same way as normal website but in the e commerce website you can promote your website according to brand or product...

Link building is the common in SEO and basic also. But only the new thing in SEO is the content and that is for the every day. So providing the unique content, get more traffic for that and keep the visitor engage more as much as possible. And social media also be the nice way this time. And for me the best techniques are the blogs ,articles and videos to promote the content and to attract the more visitor.

Use unique and fresh content on your website.Do not use much java scripts in the coding part.Try to use HTML as much as you can .Do not use flash.

interesting question but all SEO's (or true SEO's) know that priming e-commerce websites is now getting harder and harder..............but one way is to perform search terms that people will type and have individual page list for the products..............

have the title tag state the keyword and repeat that in the heading of the product and use unique description.

but another way to market your website, is via an online article resource/ or a blog.............write unique content without a sales picth......then at the end of the content have a call to action for users to join a mailing list............then email marketing should be used to highlight the products / special offers /

Unique content
Link Building
Useful information on your products
Pretty much anything that you think your target audience would enjoy.

All of these. -I need to start working on more videos.

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