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We are {company name and link removed} and we are now using oscommerce but we found out it is not seo friendly. Can anybody recommend seo friendly shopping cart.


Hey DaniWeb peeps, I am curious as to what factors make a shopping cart "seo friendly?" In other words, what do you look for in a shopping cart that makes it easy to optimize for the search engines??

Ability to easily rewrite all the database urls, customize page titles and tweak any code within the CMS.

I think you could also make OSC sites seo friendly by using seo plug-ins. The most famous one might be ultimate seo urls.

You can try PrestaShop script is free.
It has all the facilities you have listed

I thought oscommerce was seo friendly or at least it had plugins to do the same.. ever tried magento?

we are an running an online stores chain and for that we are using bit cart shopping store front which is very seo friendly as it's very easy to manage. i'll recommend you
you can also try its starter hosted version for Free.

Magneto is undoubtedly SEO-friendly but there is some stuff that will help you to optimize Magneto SEO.
first, get the most recent release, 1.2.1. then, to get started, enable Server URL rewrites. You will find this setting under System => Configuration => Web => Search Engines Optimization. Another good thing to configure now you are on this screen is "Add store Code to Urls" under "Url Options". In most cases it is better to set this functionality to "No".

You can try AJ shopping cart which can provides you more and more user friendly features and it will be the right choice to make your online store.

Indeed, Zen Cart may be a great solution for you in this case. Zen Cart is an outstanding open source system for online store management. It is a PHP-based structure that uses MySQL database and certain HTML components.
This system encounters several languages and supports different types of currency, which are available for free under the GNU General Public License.
Zen Cart evolved from osCommerce as a separate project, but unlike it, Zen Cart supports template custom design. One can always change a ready made design into a new one.
The variety of Zen Cart templates allows you to have the most unique and outstanding store on the net. And yes, it is SEO-friendly :)

Best of luck!

I assume that most of decent carts today are optimized for search engines. I would suggest you to use LiveCart because it not only able to sell physical product but also support selling virtual item such as e-book.

Magento is the best stand alone ecommerce CMS. Has lots of free themes and features.

Whatever you do don't go with oscommerce... outdated and don't know why anyone would recommend them.

If you have a community social network site then have a look at Joomla with the Virtuemart add on

Joomla virtue mart,zen cart or oscommerce this are the best carts i believe strongly believe and trust them..

Storefront is a good investement if you need too much of your shopping cart service ... However, if you sit down and go through thousands of options you can consider simpler and probably less expensive solution is not the time.

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